EN ISO 15025 Protective Clothing Flame Spread Tester ISO 6941.

 EN ISO 15025 Protective Clothing Flame Spread Tester ISO 6941.

Model No.︰TN1908

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Product Description

TN1908  Multi-purpose Fabric Flammability Tester



ISO 6941 Fabric Vertical Flammability Tester, ISO 15025 Protective Clothing Flame Spread Tester.

1.Fabric Vertical Flammability Tester is applicable to all kinds of textile material of flammability test.

2.Suitable for single component or multi-component (coating, quilting, multilayer, laminated products and similar combination) clothing, including cold tent curtain antependium and large tent and door cover textiles vertical flame spread to the determination of performance.

3.Suitable for surface with hairs (such as raising, terry, tufted or similar) on the surface of the textile fabric burning time determination.

4.Suitable for all kinds of single layer or multi-layer (such as coating, quilting, interlayer and similar combination) the fabric of the vertical direction of the ease of ignition tests.

5.In the laboratory test results can only be used for evaluation of control under the condition of material or combination of combustion performance. Enough oxygen to test results do not apply to the occasion or heating time is too long in the fire.
Install the finished product sample or material sample on the corresponding fixture of the instrument, with the requirements of the flame sample time, record the related data (e.g., burning time, burning rate), to evaluate its combustion performance.
1.The ignition time setting range : 0~99.9 s

2.Time accuracy : 0.1 s

3.Flame height : 0~60 mm ,adjustable

4.Burner standard : ISO 6941

5.Burner angle of the horizontal line : 0º ~90º ,adjustable
6.U-shaped clamp tag line location : adjustable
7.Combustion gas : butane gas
9.Weight : 50 kg 
10.Power supply : AC 220V, 50 Hz

8.Dimension : 930×650×900 mm (W×D×H)


GB/T 5456, 8745, 8746 ; BS EN ISO 6940, 6941,15025 ; BS 5438, BS EN 532, 533, 1103 ; EN 71, ISO 10047


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