Standard BFE Tester EN 14683 ASTM F2100 ASTM F2101

Standard BFE Tester EN 14683 ASTM F2100 ASTM F2101

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Product Description

TN-BFE   BFE Test Machine


This system is specially used to detect the percentage of bacterial suspended particles filtered from mask materials. The filtration efficiency of the mask should not be less than 95%.

This system not only conforms to the requirements of medical surgical masks technology YY appendix B in 0469-2011 test method for filter efficiency (BFE) bacteria first b. 1.1.1 test instrument, but also conforms to the American society for test materials ASTM F2100, ASTM F2101, the requirements of the European EN 14683 standard, and innovative improvements were made on the basis of this, with double pneumatic contrast sampling method at the same time, improve the precision of sampling, It is suitable for measuring and testing departments, scientific research institutes, mask manufacturers and other relevant departments to test the performance of mask bacterial filtration efficiency.


1.Embedded high-speed industrial microcomputer control, with large industrial level high brightness color touch screen.

2.USB universal interface, support U disk data storage.

3.Front switch type glass door, cabinet with built-in high brightness lighting, easy for test personnel to observe and operate.

4.The inner layer of the cabinet is made of stainless steel. The outer layer is sprayed with plastic and cold-rolled.

5.Negative pressure test system to ensure the safety of operators.

6.Built-in leakage protection switch to protect the safety of operators.

7.Built - in peristaltic pump in the negative pressure cabinet, A, B, six Andersen, peristaltic pump flow can be set.

8.The flow rate of night spray of special microorganism aerosol generator can be set, and the atomization effect is good.

9.Movable feet for easy handling.






Sampling flow of route A

28.3 L/min

0.1 L/min


Sampling flow of route B

28.3 L/min

0.1 L/min


Spray flow

(8-10) L/min

0.1 L/min


Peristaltic pump flow

(0.0063.0) ml/min

0.001 ml/min


Front pressure before flow meter A

(-200) kPa

0.01 kPa


Front pressure before flow meter B

(-200) kPa

0.01 kPa


Front pressure before spray slow meter

(0300) kPa

0.1 kPa


Environment temp.




Negative chamber pressure

(-90-120) Pa

0.1 Pa


Cabinet negative pressure

(-50-120) Pa

Data storage capacity

100000 groups

Vortex mixer test tube specification and quantity

φ16×150 mm 8 pcs

Hepa filter characteristics

The filtration efficiency of particles above 0.3 m is ≥99.99%

Median mass diameter of aerosol generator

3.0±0.3μmGeometric standard deviation ≤1.5

Double six Andersen

Ⅰ level > 7 microns, Ⅱ level 4.7 ~ 7 microns

 Diameter of particles  sampling apparatus captured

 levle 3.3~4.7μm level 2.1~3.3μm

Total number of positive quality control sampler particles

2200±500 cfu

Ventilation flow rate of negative pressure cabinet

≥5 m3/min

Dimensions of negative pressure cabinet door

1000×730 mm (H)

Host dimension 

118×65×130 cm (W×D×H)

Stent size

118×65×60 cm( W×D×H)adjustable height

Working noise

65 dB(A)

Power supply

AC 220V±10%50 Hz1500 W


 150 kg


EN 14683 : 2014 Medical face masks-Requirements and test methods, ASTM F2100ASTM F2101




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