Pen cap air flow tester/Pen end air flow testerGB 21027,BS 7272

Pen cap air flow tester/Pen end air flow testerGB 21027,BS 7272

Model No.︰TN5208

Brand Name︰TONNY

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 30 / pc

Minimum Order︰66 pc

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Product Description

TN5208 Pen cap air flow tester


Introduction to the instrument:

It is mainly to insert the pen cap into an elastic tube with suitable diameter, air flow and pressure difference at both ends to measure the air flow of the pen cap.

Working conditions:

AC 220V, 50 Hz, room temperature: 15~30 ℃; Relative humidity: 20~80% RH; Air compressor (provided by the user), pressure in the range of 4~50 kPa.


PLC program control, large screen LCD display.

Technical parameters:

1. Air supply device: The pressure is in the range of 4~50 kPa, and the automatic vibration ratio is at least 25 L/min

2. Flow control valve: Precise control of air flow, accuracy ± 0.1l /min

3. Flowmeter: High quality high precision flowmeter 0~10 L/min, accuracy ±0.1 L/min

4. Manometer: high quality and high precision manometer, measuring range of 4~50 kPa, accuracy ±0.01 kPa

5. Tong Ming elastic tube: the tube with an inner diameter of 80%~85% of the circumference of the pen cap, wall thickness of 0.75± 0.25mm, hardness of shaw A of 55±10

6. Weight: 35 kg

7. Overall dimension: 62×41×30 cm

8. Power supply: AC 220V, 50 Hz

According to standards:

GB 21027-2007 General Requirements for The Safety of Student Products, BS 7272, etc.


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